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More on Asset Classes, Economic Cycles and Longevity

Kingsley David | 17 December 2015 20:17:27 AEDT

Last week’s Blog posting on the subject hypothesised that – as populations in the developed world lived longer with smaller proportionate workforces, and investment environments settled into the ‘new ... Read More

Asset Classes, Economic cycles and Longevity

Kingsley David | 14 December 2015 06:23:53 AEDT

It is an accepted phenomenon that the population of the developed world is now living longer than at any time in recorded history – largely driven by advances in medical science and rising living ... Read More

The Housing Market two months on – bubble bursting or cyclical downturn

Kingsley David | 04 December 2015 06:49:42 AEDT

Two months ago, when the view that the wider Australian housing market was in a price bubble (that was in imminent danger of bursting) was its peak, this Blog proposed that it was more likely that the ... Read More

Not all managed funds are the same

Kingsley David | 23 October 2015 07:31:04 AEDT

The term ‘managed fund’ refers to a class of investment product where the collective monies of individual investors are pooled into a single vehicle (in Australia, normally a unit trust) and then invested ... Read More

How accurate are housing market price forecasts?

Kingsley David | 15 October 2015 18:00:00 AEDT

When it comes to the wider Australian housing market, the number of factors that are said to affect the market level price is as varied as there are opinions put forward as to how, and to what extent, ... Read More

Volatility and the housing market

Kingsley David | 07 October 2015 20:31:03 AEDT

Since the Lehman Brothers US$600 Billion bankruptcy filing on 15 September 2008 that undeniably heralded in the GFC, investors – both institutional and retail – have had to deal with an investment environment where ... Read More

Housing Bubble...?

Kingsley David | 01 October 2015 19:30:00 AEST

If you’re a home owner, you may be losing some sleep over concerns that the Australian housing sector, in particular the Sydney and Melbourne markets, are in a bubble that is about to burst.

... Read More

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