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Buy now or wait?

Posted by Ahmed Saadeldin on 05 June 2017 10:07:44 AEST

Buy now or wait?


Housing affordability… housing bubble???


It seems that these days everyone – from our nation’s leaders to the average person on the street – has a view on Australia’s housing affordability issue.

     “you must ask yourself “

Q: is housing affordability an issue?

A: if I was an average first home buyer, particularly in Sydney or in Melbourne: most probably

So, should I look to buy later when affordability may be better?

Sounds reasonable, right?

Q: what is my trade-off?

If I buy now, I pay today’s price that might be lower or higher than the price I may pay if I buy later

If I buy later, I will pay the later price that may be lower or higher than today’s price

                       “when is the right time”


Q: But when is later? 3 months?... 1 year?... How will I decide?

Most of us have a view on the outlook for the housing market based on what we see in the last news cycle, but is that correct ?

Watch this space for part two and the conclusion


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